• What is your registration/cancellation policy?
  • I missed the bus, what now?

All services and information for ski are online

All walk-ons are cash only, first come, and first served.

No refunds / Only if you purchase lift tickets with us yes we will refund you.

Missing the bus is the client’s responsibility 

I’m booked for a day trip, can I stay there overnight, and come back another day with Over?

– Yes, you absolutely can choose to stay at the mountain rather than come back on the same day, but you will have to book two separate tickets for each day you’ll be traveling and pay the amount of both of these trips.

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Comfort Express, Inc. is a New York charter motor coach business of 12 years, providing reliable transportation to individuals and companies around the United States and Canada. We offer exciting tours and professional Charter Ski Bus services as well.
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